There are days that never end. They remain within us forever. We journey through our lives with them hugging us. In reflective moments they open and talk to us, retelling their lessons until we understand them more fully. Other remembered days remain quiet, yet they are still there, and we know them. We never leave those days behind. They are who we are.

In my work, I have tried to capture the passion of a moment, a gesture, a time, or place. Each work of art is fragmented, like our lives. We have the illusion of being whole, yet we are pieces of life’s experiences. We are continually learning throughout our existence and this reshapes and redefines our being. In the adventure of each day we discover more about ourselves and who we are becoming.

                                                                                               Fragmented Realism –
                                                                 Evolving pieces of a never-ending whole.

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